5 reasons to use our cheap taxi in Amsterdam during the holiday season

During the holiday season, there is magic in the air in Amsterdam. Festive lights, bustling markets, a lively atmosphere and people enjoying quality time with their family and friends. Whether you’re visiting for pleasure or business, using our cheap taxi in Amsterdam will make your trip more enjoyable and efficient. Here are five reasons to choose our cheap taxi during the holiday season.

1. Time-Efficient shopping

Amsterdam’s shopping streets and markets can be crowded and chaotic during the holiday season. Using a cheap taxi saves valuable time by getting directly to your shopping destination without needing multiple transfers or waiting for public transport. This means more time to find the perfect gifts and less time worrying about transportation.

Don’t hassle with your luggage; use our cheap taxi

Whether you’re on your Christmas shopping tour or you need to take your suitcases stuffed with belongings and gifts to the airport, we all know what a hassle the luggage can be. The heavy lifting is done when you choose our cheap taxi in Amsterdam literally because our drivers can lift and carry your luggage. Furthermore, we provide additional services like taking your luggage to the gate at Schiphol Airport or transporting your luggage only.

Besides that, when you take us on a shopping tour, you can leave your bags in our safe and secure taxi while you take care of your last Christmas Gifts or the ingredients for Christmas Dinner.

2. Convenience and flexibility

Our cheap taxi in Amsterdam offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility. We can pick you up from any location, such as hotels or offices, and drop you off directly at your destination. Furthermore, you can book our taxi at any time. This way, you can plan your holiday activities according to your schedule, not public transport timetables.

Be aware: on New Year’s Eve, no public transportation is available in Amsterdam after 8 p.m.

This means that there will be high demand for taxis. Many people want to visit family and/or friends or join celebrations like in the city centre. Requests for cabs will be even higher after the champagne and fireworks when everybody wants to go home. Therefore, we strongly advise you to book your transportation back and forth upfront. You can use our price calculator to ensure the best rates and availability.

3. Our cheap taxi provides privacy for personal and business matters

Our taxis provide a private space where you can make phone calls, work on your laptop, or prepare for meetings without being disturbed by other passengers. This privacy can be crucial for professionals who must focus on their work or discuss confidential matters during their journey.

Cheap Taxi Amsterdam Holiday Season
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4. Responsible Christmas drinks for business travellers

When you’re invited to a Christmas party or other celebration, you want to enjoy the fun in a responsible way. Our cheap taxi services guarantee a safe and professional arrival and departure. Our drivers are discrete, and the costs are often deductible for taxes if you’re a business owner, so don’t hesitate.

5. Efficient Airport transfers

Are you flying to family and/or friends? Our cheap taxi allows you to travel efficiently to and from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, especially for early flights or when carrying luggage. By choosing a taxi for your airport transfer, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free journey, allowing you to focus on all the good times ahead this holiday season.

Bonus: enjoy our holiday season gift

When you use our price calculator to book your cheap taxi in Amsterdam, you’ll be surprised about our low rates. However, what’s the holiday season without gifts? Our gift is that you won’t pay any starting costs when you order our cheap taxi in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, gemeente Haarlemmermeer, Schiphol, and/or Badhoevedorp. Furthermore, you’ll only pay 2 euros per kilometre and only 1,90 if you’re a member of our loyalty club. Ho Ho Ho!

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